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Ferdinand Richardt (1819-1895)

Born in Brede, Denmark on April 10, 1819. Ferdinand Richardt studied at the Royal Academy in Copenhagen and was an established artist in his native land with sales of his paintings to the King of Denmark, the Russian Czar, and British royalty. Upon arriving in NYC in the early 1850s, Ferdinand Richardt painted views of Virginia, New York, and Pennsylvania and had equal success in selling his work to wealthy American patrons. He was commissioned by Wm Vanderbilt to paint Niagara Falls for $14,000; the painting brought him such fame that large paintings of the falls became his forte. After moving to San Francisco in 1875, Ferdinand Richardt made regular trips into the mountains of Santa Cruz and northern California. His last studio-home was located in Oakland where he died on Oct. 29, 1895. Primarily a landscapist, he also painted still lifes of fruit, vegetables, and flowers.
Source: askart.com

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