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Fritz G. Vogt

Little is known about Fritz Vogt until 1890 to 1900 when he earned a reputation for doing nearly 500 graphic architectural drawings near Sharon Springs and Ames in upstate New York. These were rural agricultural towns of German immigrants.

His renderings were precise and detailed and indicate he had studied architecture either in Germany or America. His work resembles drawing produced for the Beers Company of Philadelphia, publishers of atlases, but extensive attempts to research his life before 1890 have not been successful. It is known that when he did his upstate New York drawings he stayed with farm families and worked with paper, pencil, and ruler, and that he often worked outdoors. He played musical instruments and sometimes worked as a farm hand.

His drawings, many of them in color pencil, showed the types of crops planted, the animals, and details of the buildings. He also did several drawings of churches.

His death is recorded as January 2, 1900, and it is likely he was in his mid-sixties when he died.
Source: askart.com

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