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Henry Ary (1807-1859)

The resident artist of Hudson, New York in the mid-19th century and a key artist in the Hudson River School of painting, Henry Ary had moved to Hudson in the 1840s from his home town of Providence, Rhode Island.

Henry Ary is most noted for his town views of Olana and for nearby Mount Merino. Sanford Gifford was often his sketching partner, and Ary is credited with having influence on the quality of the early painting of Gifford, who became much more famous than Ary. Another artist who learned much from Ary was John Bunyan Bristol, who also lived and painted in the Olana area.

In 1831, Henry Ary was painting portraits in Albany, and three years later moved to the Catskills where Thomas Cole encouraged him to paint landscapes. By 1845, he was living in Hudson, New York and began exhibiting his landscapes at the National Academy of Design.

He became one of the first Hudson River painters to note the growing presence of commerce and industry in the landscape, and he viewed this aspect as a harmonious part of nature.

In 1854, Henry Ary became instructor in painting and drawing at the newly established Hudson Female Academy.
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