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Hermann Herzog (1832-1932)

A centenarian, Hermann Herzog was known for his landscapes and seascapes as well as many views of Norway. He was prominent during his lifetime, and among his collectors were Queen Victoria and Czar Alexander II.

Hermann Herzog was born in Bremen, Germany, and, intrigued by the potential offered by America, he emigrated to the United States when he was in his late 20s and settled in Philadelphia. He was fascinated by the variety of the landscape and traveled widely in the East, West, and in the mid 1970s to Mexico. Hermann Herzog also made many trips to Florida where he visited his son, Herman Jr., a chemist in Gainesville, and painted the exotic landscape with towering palm trees.

Hermann Herzog was a wise investor of money, and because of the early purchase of shares in the Pennsylvania Railroad, did not strive to sell his work during his lifetime. His painting was nearly forgotten until 1971 when one of his grandsons began releasing his paintings, and by 1992, a retrospective exhibition of his work was held .
Source: askart.com

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